After-School Program for Children ages 5-13


Learning the Foundations of Faith...

Living in a time of confusion and skepticism, young minds tend to get carried away with the negative influences around them. Without proper understanding and guidance in religious education, many children have been observed to wander and fall off the tracks of faith as they mature into their teens. They even go the extent of questioning the very fundamentals of faith such as "Why is there a need to believe in the Oneness of Allah?". This is highly detrimental as this leads to apostasy.

Religious education is as crucial as secular education. Usually, much importance is given to secular education while very little or no importance is given to religious education. It is only till a later stage in a child's life when they become rebellious, that the parents end up regretting not educating their children of their faith.

Our after-school program for children is dedicated to solving these issues through educating them in their faith and providing them with an Islamic environment which allows them to passionately implement the Sunnah in their lives. 

The classes take place Monday thru Thursday at 5pm to 7pm. Children not only learn how to recite the Quran, but also learn the basics of Creed, Jurisprudence, Hadith, Islamic History, Islamic Conducts and Behavior, Daily Supplications etc. This kindles within them the passion and desire to broaden their understanding in Islam.

So why delay? Take advantage of this beautiful program and enroll now!