Tahfeez Al Quran for Children ages 7-16


Preserving the Quran...

It is the dream of every Muslim to learn and memorize the beautiful words of the Quran and to understand its meanings. The Quran illuminates the life of an individual and guides him throughout his life. However, It is not merely the memorization of the words which will bring about change in a person's life. Rather, implementing it into one's life will bring about that change. 

At Al Firdaus Foundation, the students memorize the entire Quran word for word. This task takes approximately 2-3 years to complete depending on the student's memory. At first, the student learns how to identify the Arabic alphabets in order to become capable of reciting. Thereafter, the student is taught Tajweed and Makharij which allows him to pronounce each letter correctly with all of its qualities and rules. Finally, the student commences his memorization until its completion.

Along with the memorization of the Quran, Islamic studies which include Aqeedah, jurisprudence, manners, Islamic history etc. are also taught simultaneously. This allows the students to realize the importance of what they are memorizing and to implement the Sunnahs.

So take advantage of this program and enroll now to make your child a Hafiz of the Quran!