Our Commitment


The organization at Al Firdaus Foundation is dedicated in fueling the children of our
communities for what lies ahead. Our instructors have completed many courses simply
to support this noble effort of providing our community with the chance of also
benefitting from Islam from a tender age. We present a very adjustable program to
enrich our Islamic lives spiritually:

1.   A daily after-school program from Monday-Thursday, 5:00pm-7:00pm. One of the
many purposes of a daily schedule is to provide exposure to an Islamic
environment. Most children are spending most of their days in school or Non-
Islamic environments and are completely deprived of Islam until it is too late.

2.   Our goal is to take a student from the very basics of reciting the Quran with its
diacritical marks, apply all the Tajweed rules, memorize 20 Surahs/chapters
minimum, and then become self-dependent on reading the Quran at a young
age. This will provide the advantage of picking up any Mushaf and reciting the
Quran without the need of assistance and help children recite the correct Surahs
in Salah.

3.   Quranic Studies is only a portion of the 2-hour daily program. Students are also
taught 7 different subjects in Islamic Studies, namely Fiqh (jurisprudence),
Ahadith (sayings and teachings of the Prophet), Sirah (biography of the Prophet),

Tarikh (history), Aqa’id (creed and beliefs), Akhlaq (characteristics), and Adab
(manners). It is essential to also be aware of the ruling of Islam, correct manners
and way of conduct for every small action, and the challenges that were already
faced at the advent of Islam. Islam is not simply a religion but an entire lifestyle. It
is applied to every minute of our life and we should be aware of how to reap
maximum benefit from it.

4.   Students are also taught duas/supplications that may be read before committing
most actions. These include duas of protection, traveling, clothes, knowledge,
and many others that become the root cause of protection and faith within our
lives. Students are also demonstrated the method of Salah practically, provided
tarbiyah, and taught in a manner that everything is made relevant and easy to
apply within our day-to- day lives. As a reward, they are given gifts and taken on
field trips to keep the students encouraged and devoted to their identity.