Our Objective

1.   Studies mention a child chooses their role model in life between the ages of 5-7.
We strive to increase the love of Allah within their hearts and instill the blessed
lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam from this tender age.

2.   Enforcing our children to practice Islam in an authoritarian manner will only lead
children to turn rebellious and not practicing when they grow up. We practically
have our students understand Islam that builds an urge within the students to
practice Islam passionately, without the need of supervision.

3.   To provide an opportunity that is not restricted to the students, but also the family
to have access and practice religious Islamic teachings and implement them.

4.   We desire to integrate an Islamic education simultaneous to the secular
education at a daily level, while keeping the workload completely manageable for
the child.